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Since 2009, Edutourism has been a career focused study abroad enrichment program. Many students have come to Edutourism to gain exceptional practical knowledge and get them industry-ready. Each program helps develop their potential by working with industry experts and work with peers from across the globe.
Students must currently be enrolled in a school or college/University or homeschooled with 17 years of age or above.Students should be highly motivated and committed to engage in college-level work.
These programs provide students with the intellectual challenge of academic exploration. An understanding of American institutions and the skills for participation, global citizenship, an appreciation of cultural diversity and the command of a second language. Our leisure trips will create immersive experiences that offer genuine insight into local customs and ordinary life.
We are looking for highly motivated students who are taking college preparatory curriculum. Student's transcripts, personal statements, and interviews will determine the admissions decisions.
Students are encouraged to enroll in their choice of programs on their application. International students may choose to attend programs in multiple locations and institutions.
Program tuition is all-inclusive. It covers course materials, housing, on-campus meals, social events and transportation in air-conditioned motor coaches throughout the program. Each student is responsible for the cost of individual spending money. *Group transportation will be provided for all the tours.
   Application fees are non-refundable.The refund policy for registration is as follows:
Withdrawal before 3 months of the start date of the program Full refund with 10% cancellation fees
Withdrawal before 2 months of start date 50% cancellation fees
Withdrawal before 1 month of start date No refunds

  No refund or reduction in tuition will be made for a student who arrives to the program late, leaves the program early, or is dismissed from the program due to a violation of the program guidelines.

No, financial aid is not available.
No. However, attending Edutourism program in a certain university will strengthen your application to any college or university. Additionally, the Edutourism Program offers many opportunities designed to help you navigate the college application process and enhance your performance in a college setting.

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