This workshop combines dance with contemplative practice and clinical counseling with an exploration of the body’s role in helping the mind develop and grow. Participants will gain skills and experience the potential of conscious movements. Recommended for Fitness geeks, movement and dance therapists, individuals and families for social fitness programs, psychotherapists, educators, and more.

Experience both classical and groundbreaking forms of dance and therapy as you dive into studies of self-psychology & neuroscience and analysis. 

In addition to its intellectual rigor, the workshop provides opportunities for physical, spiritual, and emotional growth. You'll be asked to engage deeply in the ELOP's creative techniques you'll be using in day to day lives.

 You'll also learn to embrace inclusivity and sharpen your awareness of how socio-cultural experiences affect movement, expression, and the therapeutic relationship. 

The body has a powerful potential for healing the mind and spirit. In this workshop, you'll learn to view the relationship between the brain and body as a fluid exchange in which one influences the other. This dance of energy and insight between body and mind is at the root of the holistic experience. 

Participants gain a strong theoretical foundation in dance movement therapy in connection with mindfulness training and gain rigorous holistical experience. The ultimate goal is for each of our participants is t to become self-aware, compassionate who nurture brain-body synchronization.


Will be advised 

Foundation in Theory and Practice of Dance/Movement Therapy

Learn to use effective dance/movement therapy interventions

Strong Professional Ethics

Exercise self-evaluation and learn to integrate & supervise. 

Multi-Cultural Awareness

Recognize the role of socio-cultural experience in the clinical relationship.

Contemplative Practice

Use self-reflection as a tool to serve others with greater compassion.



After every hour, and every conversation in this workshop You will feel learning to crackle within, causing storms and countless opportunities for growth. Your ability to be a strong and supple family member, community member, and future professional will grow exponentially.

Will be advised 

$ 99.00

INCLUDES: It covers unlimited access to course materials, Certifications,  Live & Virtual Tours, Office Hours with Coach throughout the duration of the program, Virtual assistance throughout the program, Universal Edu ID, which can be used for discounts on future programs.


1. What does an ELOP online course look like?

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